Rally to Restore Sanity Poster. A Cry for Level-Headedness.

Admittedly, this is one of my older pieces, but also one of my favorites. I'm a huge political buff and, like most everyone else under 35 with any semblance of a sense of humor, a huge Daily Show and Jon Stewart fan. As soon as the Rally to Restore Sanity was announced, I knew I had to make a full-size sign for it.

The concept behind this poster stemmed from a couple sources. Firstly, the style and placement of the word "SANITY" at the bottom of the image is a rather obvious reference to the famous (and ubiquitious) Shepard Fairey Obama Hope poster.

Secondly, this poster is something of a parody of the numerous Tea Party rally signs sporting images of the Founding Fathers in a context that (in my opinion) is sometimes less than historically accurate. In depicting Jon Stewart as George Washington I'm blatantly juxtaposing the old with the contemporary in a manner that is intentionally absurd.

I've made the full-size PDF of this poster available to download for free for anyone who might want to print it out for their own personal use.

I realize how expensive it is to get a poster this size printed professionally. For this reason, I've also added a PDF in which I sliced the image into 24 overlapping sections that can be printed out and attached to a 24" x 36" piece of foam board.

Download the full 24" by 36" poster PDF file here.

Download the overlapping pieces PDF file here.