My Prince, My Boy eBook. New YA Fiction from a New Voice.

When designing the cover for My Prince, My Boy, I wanted to create something simple that evoked a sense of mystery but would not look out of place on the bookshelf (physical or digital) among the myriad of fantasy-based Young Adult novels currently available. The treasured maple leaf amulet seemed like the best symbol of the text.

This was a situation where marketplace research served as a great asset and contradicted where my general instincts as a designer might have lead me. While I personally find myself drawn to flatter compositions with a subdued color palette, the current Science-Fiction/Fantasy Young Adult audience, as a whole, seems to prefer the smokier, textured look of photographic composites and glossy finishes. To achieve this look, I subtly overlaid dozes of scans of dried maple leaves that fade into one another and vanishes into the darkness at the composition's edges.

I decided to use this project as a opportunity to code an ebook from the ground up by hand and not rely on the more typical InDesign to code workflow. There's probably no good reason to manually mark-up every paragraph, heading and italicized word by hand when the automated queries of Adobe tools can do it a million times faster and just as accurately, but I always enjoy the experience of walking away from standard crutches and frameworks to take the time to lovingly piece together a code document like a finely crafted clay pot.

I guess I'm weird like that.