The Magic Spambot-Preventing Email Link Generator. A Simple JavaScript Application with an Unnecessarily Long Name.

Spambots can be a problem for anyone online but especially if you're trying to link your email address directly into an HTML document. One way around this is to embed the email address not with static HTML, but rather, generate it with JavaScript. The (relatively rare) problem with this is that the user may have JavaScript disabled.

I created The Magic Spambot-Preventing Email Link Generator application as a quick and painless way to generate heavily scrambled JavaScript code that's easy to copy and paste into an HTML document. If JavaScript is disabled on the user's browser, the code will display a spaced-out text-only version of the email with the "@" symbol replaced by the word "at" and the dot replaced by the word "dot."

The application itself is completely powered by JavaScript/jQuery and does not collect the user's email or personal data. You can try it out here and even fork it on Github if you're feeling so bold!