Macmillan eDeals Landing Page and Responsive Email Template. The Latest Deals on Downpriced eBooks.

The idea to create a single-page location for temporarily down-priced ebooks was an idea that had been floating around Macmillan since before I started there. Over the years, the popularly of the idea waxed and waned until it suddenly became high-priority and placed at the top of my to-do list. Over the course of about two weeks, the Macmillan eDeals page and email newsletter went from a vague marketing notion floating around the ether of the Flatiron Building for over three years to a live site that generated significant traffic almost immediately.

The site is a custom Wordpress theme built from completely from scratch with a heavily modified user interface that allowed our marketers to quickly and effortlessly schedule ebook deals months in advance and set them to automatically expire on a particular date.

I aimed to make the navigation of the site as effortless and accessible as possible, especially on mobile. Jump navigation links at the top quickly scroll the page down to the desired section which is clearly denoted by a bright red tab. The user can just as easily zip back up to the top in the same manner. Tapping or clicking on a cover brings up a full-screen lightbox view of the book.

The design is intentionally minimalist and clean in the hope of creating as little distraction as possible from the featured titles and creating an environment in which genres as diverse as romance, science-fiction and literary fiction can sit in close proximity without looking out of place.

One of the main marketing channels for this ongoing campaign is the Macmillan eDeals responsive email newsletter which features a select handful of downpriced ebook titles to further entice the user to visit the site and see more. The look and feel of the email shares the overall branding of the site but isn't identical to it. The email offers a slightly more in-depth view of a limited number of titles while the landing page contains a complete listing of all our current downpriced ebooks that the user can view all at once.

You can view the Macmillan eDeals site and sign up for the email newsletter here.