Harry S Truman High School Crest. A New Branding for an Outstanding Bronx School.

Harry S Truman High School in the Bronx has been going through something of renaissance lately which they wanted to show off in an official school crest to adorn their halls and newly required uniforms. I was asked to incorporate their mascot, the stallions, with their motto as well as icons to represent reading, science, math, sports and the arts—all in gray and green.

Strangely enough, I borrowed heavily from the state flag of Pennsylvania which was a nearly ubiquitous backdrop from my childhood at school, Cub Scout meetings, flying from the McDonald's flagpole, etc. Ultimately, I wanted to make it look like a contemporary redesign of a preexisting "old-school" crest.

Of course, just like any logo, a crest needs to register as well in black and white as it does in color. I took extra care to make sure that—no matter what the surrounding context—the Truman logo would stand out and serve the students well years for come.