FSG Work-in-Progress Responsive Email Newsletter. Understated Simplicity from a Leader in Publishing.

FSG is universally considered to be one of the leading literary publishers of all time. It just so happens that they're also one of Macmillan's many subdivisions. Over the course of my mission to design and code new responsive HTML email templates for nearly all of Macmillan's imprint publishers, this simple but (hopefully) elegant one-column design turned out to be my favorite.

For the Work-in-Progress newsletter, Nicholas Courage, FSG's Online Marketing Manager, wanted an understated, minimalist design limited to one accent color. I decided to match the principle gray tone in the headers to the background color to create the illusion of gaps between the various sections and further restrain the palette and soften the overall look.

I structured the template with interchangeable modules that could easily be added, removed or switched out as needed. Developing the mobile-responsive part of the email was relatively straight-forward due to the modern one-column layout (popular, in part, because of how well it streamlines for a mobile-friendly approach).

While most research shows that users prefer their emails to be short and sweet, especially on mobile, we've found, through our own analytics, that this design has been hugely successful for its intended audience. The majority of its readers scroll (i.e. read) the whole way through each article and typically reach all the way to the bottom of this considerably lengthy newsletter. Links located thousands of pixels below-the-fold are just as likely to be tapped/clicked as those at the very top. Obviously, this is a unique situation for unique audience, but, most importantly, it's a successful solution as well.

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