Freudian Sips Mug. Therapy in a Cup.

The punny "Freudian Sips" mug was one of the first products ever sold by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild. Nearly two decades later, after the company had expanded exponentially and upgraded its design aesthetic, the original mug was sorely in need of a redesign.

Tasked with creating an all-new design for both the mug and its packaging, I utilized my signature "comic book" style illustrations for both pieces. I sought to keep the design clean, simple and modern as I attempted to evoke the Father of Psychoanalysis with as few lines as possible.

I worked to combine my illustrative style with the overall aesthetic of The Unemployed Philosophers Guild when creating the package design. It was important to make the image of the mug clear on all sides of the box to ensure the viewer would be able to quickly grasp the gist of the product no matter how it might be displayed in stores.

The Freudian Sips Mug is available for purchase from the Unemployed Philosophers Guild site here.