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Dr. Rahul S. Anand is one of Connecticut's top-rated doctors, but by the time I was approached to redesign and completely rebuild his site, it was already more than a decade behind the times, structured almost entirely in old-school tables. Its aesthetic veered closer to a mid-90s Geocities page than that of a well-established doctor in an upscale community. Needless to say, a total overhaul was called for. His office did have a rather nice logo, however, and I used it as a starting point for the reinvention.

The new site needed to be warm and inviting, but still extremely clean and professional looking. And although this should this should always be important, it was particularly essential that this page was effortless to navigate and did not overwhelm the user with the sheer mass of information it contained. This is, after all, a site meant to lead individuals to the alleviation of pain, not the addition of it.

I stuck strictly to the principles of graceful degradation and progressive enhancement during development. Given the clientele's tendency to skew toward older browsers, it was extra important to make sure that the more-fun CSS3 gradients, box-shadows, embedded fonts, opacity-levels, transitions and RGBA color values didn't negatively impact the user-experience for someone using Internet Explorer 7, for example, or—worse—render it inaccessible to those most in need of its information.

You can view the live site here: