Chris Vespoli Responsive Site. The Digital Portfolio of a Funny Little Man.

Chris Vespoli is a well-established New York comedian, performer and television writer who is very active on social media and is frequently published in blogs like New York Natives and Gawker. What he lacked, however, was a professional site to serve as a one-stop showcase of all his work that would be easy to maintain and update as new samples accumulated.

Chris is a busy guy, so I built the site as a custom Wordpress theme from scratch that essentially acted as an aggregator of his various accounts (Tumblr, Twitter, Google Calendar, YouTube, etc.) ensuring that the site would practically update itself instead of becoming yet another thing to which he needed to attend.

And, of course, it goes without saying that it was absolutely essential that the site was completely responsive and mobile-optimized, especially given the target demographic. Now, with the simple swipe of the thumb, the user can effortlessly scroll through Chris' catalog of work including his latest Tweets, Tumblr posts and videos.