Brooklyn Passport. A Handy Pocket Notebook for Yous.

I was commissioned to design this "passport" notebook as a part of an on-going series of such designs from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild. Working from a pre-established style guide for this series was both helpful and a strong catalyst for my own creative ideas.

I needed to establish a relatively tight color palette, design an emblem for the front cover, create illustrative watermarks for the inside pages and design the front inside cover to look like a traditional passport with a place to fill in traveler information. The stipulations for the inside back cover were not as strict; it simply had to be an informational guide to the "land" in question.

This was the first notebook of the series to address a real location. Previous passports concerned fictional and fantastic lands like Oz, Neverland, Plato's Republic, etc. It was nice to be able to portray a stylized version of Brooklyn that evoked its industrial history and numerous brownstone buildings through color and simple, modern illustration.

Designing the map of Brooklyn was my favorite part of this project. It was an interesting challenge to present such an enormous amount of information in such a small space. I tried to keep the map as clean and simple as possible through the use of high-contrast text and negative space to allow the dye of the page itself to act as a secondary color.

NOTE: I've received a few requests asking where one can purchase this passport. Ultimately, it never went to print, so I'm sorry to say that it's not available.