The Amazing Llama Viewer. A React and Redux App for the Animal Lover in Us All.

It's random, but this fun little single-page app built with React.js and Redux lets you get a lot more llamas (and other farm animals) in your life. Why farm animals? Because they're slightly more interesting than pictures of what people ordered at a restaurant.

This app utilizes the Flickr API to pull in tagged pictures of llamas, cows, horses, goats, sheep, pigs and donkeys.

Aside from React and Redux, this project uses Bootstrap 4, Sass, React Router and Webpack.

Checkout the live app here.

Take a look at the Github repo here and contribute if you'd like!

And, oh yeah, I've built the whole thing twice, taking two completely different approaches. Before I built it with React and Redux I built The Amazing Llama Viewer entirely in pure JavaScript with absolutely no help from any outside libraries or frameworks. And no CSS libraries either. Just pure HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

That version of the app is available to view here.

Checkout its Github repo (and contribute!) here.